Enjoy your trip in Tokushima with a Nankai Tokushima Freepass

Enjoy your trip in Tokushima with a Nankai Tokushima Freepass

The Nankai Tokushima Free Pass is a great value pass for traveling from Osaka to Tokushima.
We propose some travel courses for Tokushima using this special pass, including rides on trains and ferries from Osaka to Tokushima, and unlimited rides on local buses that allow you to travel freely in Tokushima.

From Osaka to Tokushima in Shikoku Island

First, take the Nankai train and ferry from Osaka to Tokushima, Shikoku.
If you arrive in Tokushima before noon, tour the sights of your choice.

The Course No.1
A course to visit Tokushima's representative festivals and culture

At the Awaodori Kaikan, you can experience the 400-year-old Awa-Odori dance. Stop by anytime without reservations. Afterwards, visit Tokushima Prefectural Awa Jurobe Yashiki (Puppet Theater and Museum) to enjoy a dramatic puppet show that is a perfect combination of puppetry and music.

■ Awaodori Kaikan: Learn All About Tokushima’s Famous Awa Odori Dance

■ Awa Ningyo Joruri: How Tokushima is Keeping Japan’s Traditional Art of Puppetry Alive

The Course No.2
A course to visit the home of "Japan Blue," the indigo dyeing

Awa Ai, a sustainable dye made from 100% natural materials which represents Tokushima, is essential for traditional indigo dyeing crafts. Let's make one-of-a-kind travel memories with indigo dyeing using Awa Ai.

■ Histrical Museum AI NO Yakata (japanese)

The Course No.3
A course to visit Naruto Park, one of Tokushima's representative sightseeing spots

Naruto is one of Japan's most popular tourist destinations. You can enjoy seeing the whirl pools depicted in ukiyoe (Japanese woodblock prints) from a boat. There is also a popular museum where famous paintings from around the world are reproduced in full size.

■ Naruto Whirlpools: Get Up Close to These Swirling Natural Wonders

■ Otsuka Museum of Art: View the World’s Greatest Masterpieces in One Place

The Course No.4
A course to enjoy Tokushima trails and hot springs

The trail which we recommend you is where you can enjoy two spectacular waterfalls that appear as you walk along the mountain stream while admiring the rich vegetation of Tokushima. After walking the trail, relax with a hot spring bath and local craft beer.

■ Chasing Waterfalls in East Tokushima: Explore Amagoi, Jintsu, and Fudo Falls

■ East Tokushima’s Legendary Craft Beers and Where to Find Them

The Course No.5
A course to experience the start of the Shikoku Pilgrimage

The Shikoku Pilgrimage attracts attention from around the world. Most pilgrims begin their journey at Temple No.1, Ryozenji Temple. This area, which has flourished as a gate town since ancient times, has a lot of places where visitors can experience Tokushima's culture and traditions.

■ Explore Hidden Gems in Naruto

■ Oasahiko Shrine: A Treasure Trove of Spiritual Sights

■ The Naruto German House Commemorates a Historic Relationship